Monday, February 13, 2012

Mercedes Marathon 2/12/12

Rise and shine, my little Sunshine!
Race breakfast of choice for the Borden family.

Mercedes Marathon February 12, 2012 turned out to be a cold one.  I have to say, if I had to miss one, I am glad it was this one.  As it should happen, my IT Band has had me benched for the last five weeks.  I knew the only way I could PR today was in the cheerleader category.

Pre-race sheltering from the 25F weather
Garbage bags are the choice warm-up gear for all the cool kids

That's right, that's Glen Rickard

Kenny leading Emily, with Glen hanging loose at mile 2

John, Emily, and Glen at mile 9. 

Everybody had finally warmed up and was feeling good!


Nice Air!

barely not walking, let's go Fassina.

Glen and Emily, still rocking at mile 18!

Jon at 18.  Looking like he had dug a pretty big hole.  I'm not going to lie, I had my doubts about it at this point, Jon.
He is still putting up a good fight, though.

Just 4 more miles, Jon.  You've got this.

Jon at 22.  The wheels had come off.  All I got was a glance as I cheered. 
Of course Sandy looked good.  I got a smile at mile 22, but no eye contact.  I think she was already hurting pretty bad.
Congrats on the 3rd place age group award, Sandy!

Big G seems too have sweated the smurf out himself at mile 22

Emily rocking, still on pace at 22.  Looking good, babydoll.
Tanya stalking Emily. 

Kenny Marsh finishing up his 2nd leg of the relay.
If you can' tell, he is throwing the "M" for ironMarsh.

Glen barely crossed the line before Tanya. 

Quick shot of Kenny finishing up the relay!

I think Jon is due some recovery sauce.

Go Emily, Go!

Glen and Tawanna Rickard finishing their first marathon and 13.1! 
Emily PRed her marathon time by 13 minutes!

I spy 2 medals!  Congrats on completing the Alabama 3N3 Challenge, Doll. 
3 marathons in 3 months is too tough for some of us.  Just ask my left knee :(
After a shower and some Mellow Mushroom for recovery, all is right with the world.

Congrats to everybody, hate I didn't get pictures of all of the gang.  Maybe next time I can do better!

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