Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon -- 2015

If you've been following me very long, you know that I am reluctant to race very often.  At least from my experience, it takes a while for me to forget just how badly it hurts.  I need more time between races for my courage to grow back, I guess.

lipstick luck to start the swim
this has become a pre-race ritual

Well, this season has been a different approach.  I have been racing every few weeks, and I have to say its getting a lot more tolerable.  I've also had the added benefit of constantly setting new personal bests at some point in each race.  The Team Magic Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon was no exception.

I went in with no expectations.  I just wanted to put a solid ride out there, and see how well I could run off the bike.

19:23 swim time meant that I was in 53rd place
The race is 99% awesome, but the 1% that sucks is a major set back.  Having to queue up in a thousand athlete line to trickle into the river doesnt feel very much like racing.  I started 172nd because I was very honest about my swim time; this is undoubtedly uncharacteristic of most of us.

Getting onto the bike, the race was far and away, long up the road from where I was.  Granted, our times would be recorded as our actual time on the course, but there is no pure racing outside of toeing the start and moving between the lines with or against your competition.

I settled into the ride, but there were ~120 other riders ahead of me to navigate through.  The course is a simple out and back along a rolling freeway, neat and tidy, completley uneventful.  Not having anyone to really race, its a lot like racing the Garmin.

off the bike with the Top Bike Split at 62:26 -- Strava
38:11 run split finishing right behind my man, Bill Beecher -- Strava
Rolling into T2, I knew I had a hot bike split and I needed to chase it with a breakthrough 10k performance.  I quickly settled into my pace and was fortunate to have a rabbit just a few yards ahead of me.  We tango'd for nearly the entire race, each mirroring the others move.  He was a stud on descending the staircase, I'll say that.  (Yes, there is a staircase!) Fortunately, we stayed together until the final approach to the finish.  He kept me engaged and pushed me into a great run split on a challenging course.

This was immediately after the finish  She asked my what place I finished , but I HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING.
2:02:47 was good enough for 3rd Overall, official results

After crossing the finishline, I found out that I placed 3rd overall.  I wasnt ever a contender for 1-2, but the rest of the top 10 shouldve been a close battle.  Instead, most of us never even saw each other.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the event.  99% awesome, like I said.  Team Magic did an amazing job and puts on a big league show.  That 1% though, its a killer.  Its that dangling nose whisker on a smokin' hot chick.